How to Get Admission in Yale University

Yale University has a rich tradition of history spanning over 300 years. Since its founding in 1701, this university has been an inspiration for a large number of students all around the world. It easily ranks one among the best universities in the world and their commitment to excellence is uncompromising. Yale not only focuses on expanding and sharing knowledge but also inspiring innovation and you can find a lot of eminent personalities in the former student’s list of this wonderful university.

How to apply for Yale University ?

Your application can be submitted using one of the following methods:

1) Coalition Application,

2) Common Application

3) Quest Bridge National College Match Application

What are the documents Required for Yale University

You can submit the application online and all details provided must be very accurate. The important documents to be submitted are:

1) Application fee of $80 (Fee waiver option is available)

2) Yale Supplementary materials. (They refer to your academic works, scientific research paper, art samples, films, dance videos and other documents that support your extracurricular achievements)

3)  Two teacher evaluations,

4) Counselor recommendation

5) School report,

6) Standardized testing results (SAT/ACT and subject test results)

7) Mid-year report

8) Final year report.

Eligibility for Yale University

The acceptance rate of the Yale University is 7%. What does it mean? It clearly implies that this university follows a tough selection procedure. The average GPA score at Yale is 4.19 and if you don’t have a score 4.19 or above, your application is most likely to be rejected during the preliminary screening process.  There is an option available to compensate for the low GPA marks and it is to score very high grades in SAT/ACT.  The average SAT score composite at Yale is 1540 on the 1600 Sat scale and the average ACT score is 33. You must meet these requirements and they can easily push you through to the next rounds of selection.

Dates/deadlines for submitting the application in Yale University

There are two options available for you to apply to Yale University and they include:

1) Fall term

2) Spring term

I want to apply for the fall term, the last date for submitting the application is May 1. For all students, who want to apply for the spring term, the submission deadline falls on October 1. When you submit the application, you will receive an email containing a PIN and instructions on how to create a Yale Admissions Status portal account within two weeks. This portal should be used throughout the admission cycle process.

An interview is not mandatory in Yale University

Although the interview is not a mandatory thing for the admission, Yale University encourages the applicants to meet and talk with a Yale alumnus.

Scholarships and financial services Provide at Yale University

The most dominant form of financial aid is the scholarships available. If you are hailing from a family with low income, you can apply for the scholarship. This university also offers different types of grants for the needy students. Apart from Yale scholarships, students may get eligible for merit-based scholarships offered by private companies and there are entitlement grants as well. Other types of grants and financial services include term-jobs and educational loans. If you belong to a financially vulnerable family, you can apply for these types of grants and scholarships and the university provides the necessary financial aid to all deserving candidates.

What are the courses offered by the Yale University?

Several colleges and institutions are functioning under this famous university and they offer different types of courses to meet the varying tastes and interests of different students. You can apply to Yale University to study Applied Physics, Economics, Philosophy, Music, Biochemistry, Molecular Biophysics, Arts, South Asian studies, Ecology, History, Politics, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Chemistry, Psychology, Computer science, Politics, Architecture, Modern Middle East studies, Statistics, Religious studies and many more.

Yale University has its unique culture and the proud Yale alumni always uphold the values they learned. Securing an admission at this immensely popular and highly rated university is not an easy task unless you are a really brilliant student with a lot of all-round abilities. It follows a holistic method of approach during the selection procedure and the extracurricular performances of the students are also given due importance.

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