How to Get Admission in Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is regarded as one of the best universities in the world in terms of quality of education and infrastructure. The history of this university dates back to 140 years and during this long period, it has never deviated from offering quality education for their students. You cannot find a better environment for learning in any other university all around the world and the ultimate commitment of this great university has always been to make this world a better place.

How to apply for Johns Hopkins University?

Johns Hopkins University accepts only online applications. The application can be submitted in three ways and they include:

1) Common Application

2) Universal College Application

3) Coalition Application

You can submit the application by creating an account on the admission portal of the university. Along with the application, you need to upload the supporting documents as well. The important thing is that if you do not provide accurate information, your application is most likely to be rejected because you are not allowed to change the documents or the information once submitted.

What are the most important documents to be submitted to Johns Hopkins University

1) The application fee is $75 (Fee waiver option is available)

2) Unofficial school transcripts

3) Statement of Purpose,

4) GRE scores (Sent through ETS)

5) 2 Teacher evaluations

6) SAT/ACT test score results

When to submit the application for Johns Hopkins University?

Applicants at Johns Hopkins University can be classified into two categories and they include:

1) Early Decision (ED)

2) Regular Decision (RD)

If you want to apply through the Easy Decision scheme, the last date for submitting the application is November 1. When you submit the application, you should also send the supporting details. If you want to apply through Regular Decision, the application submission deadline is January 3.

Eligibility for John Hopkins University

The admission rate of Johns Hopkins University is 13%. What does it indicate? This university admits only 13 students for every 100 applicants. Since the selection process is tough, you must take all precautions to prevent an immediate rejection. What are the fundamental requirements you need to meet? There are three basic requirements to be met and they include:

1) Your GPA score should be below 3.9.

2) Your SAT score should 1510 or above in the 1600 SAT scale.

3) The ACT score needs to be 33 or above.

You have to meet these important requirements because these figures are the average GPA and SAT/ACT scores of Johns Hopkins University. In order to improve your chances of getting an admission, you have to make sincere efforts to get good scores in SAT subject tests.

Scholarships for Johns Hopkins University

This university offers need-based scholarships and grants to help students belonging to financially vulnerable families. The basic aspects that determine the scholarship and grant amounts are the fund availability and the financial requirements of the students. Some of the most popular scholarships/grants available are:

1) Clark Scholarship

2) Bloomberg scholarship

3) JHU grant, Baltimore Scholars program

4) Hopkins Academic Success award

5) State scholarships

You can also find merit oriented awards like National Fellowship programs and the Hodson Trust Scholarship.

Courses offered at Johns Hopkins University

You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of courses at Johns Hopkins University. Some of the most popular courses that several students aspire to study include Technical management, Material science, and engineering, Applied biomedical engineering, Civil engineering, Applied Physics, Engineering management, Computer science, Environmental Engineering, Cybersecurity, Space systems engineering, Data science, Financial Mathematics and many more.

Johns Hopkins University has a unique position among the most reputable educational institutions in the world. High-quality education is offered in a student-friendly way is what makes this university really unique and the faculty members available are highly experienced and learned people. If you search for the first research University in the USA, you can find the name, Johns Hopkins. The fundamental principle of this institution is to make the student’s responsible citizens who contribute to society in a creative and innovative way. John Hopkins University motivates students to pursue big ideas and encourage them to share what they learn to make this world a better place.

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