How to Get Admission in Princeton University

Princeton University the Students from more than 90 countries are studying in Princeton University every year. This aspect is a clear indication of the goodwill and popularity of this premium educational institution. The number of applicants every year comes around 31.500 and the admission rate of this university is 7%. It suggests that this educational institution follows a very selective procedure of admission.

How to apply for Princeton University ?

All students can apply to the university through Coalition Application, Common Application or Universal College Application. You need to enclose Princeton Supplement along with the application and the information about the Supplement is available on the official website of the University. Generally speaking, Supplement includes brief report on your extracurricular activities or work experiences, your activities during the last two summer vacations and an essay on a specific topic. Other documents you need to submit include:

1)  Transcript

2) School report

3) Guidance counselor letter

4) Two teacher recommendations

5) SAT with essay or ACT with writing,

6) Two SAT Subject Tests

7) TOEFL, IELTS or PTE results

8) Application fee of $65

Fee waiver option is available and eligible candidates can make a request for fee waiver.

When should you apply for Princeton University?

You have two options for applying to this university and they are:

1) Early Action (EA)

2) Regular Decision (RD)

The last date for submitting an application for EA is November 1. As far as RD is concerned, you have to submit the application by January 1.

Eligibility for Princeton University

The most relevant qualifications you need are:

1) Excellent GPA scores

2) High SAT/ACT scores

These are the prime requirements every student has to meet. The average GPA score at Princeton University is 3.9. If you have a score above 3.9, you can avoid the problem of facing an early rejection. The average SAT score composite is 1520 on 1600 SAT scale. 33 are the average ACT score at Princeton. You also have to score high marks in SAT subject tests to prevent early round elimination.

If you are at a junior or senior level at school, it is pretty difficult for you to improve your GPA score for applying to Princeton. In such a situation, efforts must be made to get very high marks in SAT/ACT tests. You can seek the help of leading online SAT/ACT prep programs to improve the scores and the best programs focus on customizing the preparation according to the strengths and weaknesses of every student.

How does Princeton University Paid program work?

Princeton University follows certain principles while offering to find aid packages for the needy students. Since admission is need-blind for all students, you do not have to worry about financial aid application causing any negative impact on the admission process. There are no merit scholarships available and the only criterion for awarding financial aid is the need. The admission process is completely based on talents, abilities, academic performance and achievements and these are not considered while selecting students for financial aid.

Your eligibility for financial aid is decided on the basis of your family’s individual circumstances. If you become eligible for financial aid, the package covers your entire need in the form of grants and a campus job. While applying for the financial aid, you need to follow these procedures:

1) Completing the Princeton financial aid application

2) Uploading a copy of your parents’ tax return and W-2 statements

3) Submitting non-custodial parent information in case your parents are divorced

What are the courses offered at Princeton University?

You can choose a course from a wide variety of programs at this prestigious university and they include African studies, Applications of computing, American studies, Architecture, Architecture and engineering, Biophysics, Civil and environment engineering, Cognitive science, Computer science, Creative writing, Economics, English, Finance, History, Latin American studies, Mathematics, Molecular biology, Music, Neuroscience, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Technology and society, Sociology, Visual arts, Sustainable energy and many more.

Several students aspire to study at Princeton University. You need to have very high GPA score, excellent scores in SAT/ ACT tests and high IELTS/TOEFL/PTE marks. Generally speaking, this university follows a holistic assessment your entire file and it does not give any fixed weight to a specific factor. The admission team performs an individualized analysis and assessment of your skills, outlook, abilities, talents, and accomplishments. Your potential to contribute to learning at this university is also considered before granting an admission.

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