How to Get Admission in Columbia University

Columbia University the Studying at the Columbia University is a dream of every ambitious and enterprising student. This university is hugely famous for its high standards of educational excellence and it has always been rated as one of the best educational institutions in the world. The best way to learn the quality of education offered at a university is to ask the former students. Every alumnus of Columbia University talks about his/her experience with great enthusiasm and satisfaction. You need to realize that getting into this eminent university is not an easy task because it accepts only 6 students out of every 100 applicants.

How to apply for Columbia University?

All applications need to be submitted online within the stipulated date. There are two ways of submitting your application and they include:

1) Coalition Application

2) Common Application

You have to face an extremely selective admission procedure when you apply to the Columbia University. This process is holistic in nature and equal importance is given to academic performance and extracurricular activities.

What are the Documents Required for Columbia University

You have to pay an application fee of $80 and eligible candidates can opt for fee waiver. The documents you need to attach include:

1) Autobiographical information

2) List and descriptions about the achievements, employment, activities and summer vacation activities.

3) Personal essay

4) Columbia specific questions

5) Official high school transcript

6) Recommendation of the counselor

7) School profile

8) Mid-year report

9) SAT/ACT exam results

10) TOEFL/IELTS scores

11) Two teacher recommendations

12) Supplementary materials

When to apply? – Dates and deadlines

There are two schemes through which you can apply to Columbia University and they include:

1) Regular Admission

2) Early Admission

If you applying for Regular Admission, the final date for submitting the application is January 1. If you are opting for Early Action, the deadline is November 1. There are some specific deadlines to apply for certain courses and it is always advisable to visit the official website of the university to get accurate details.

Eligibility  for Columbia University

The Columbia University has set some high standards for the admission process. You should have excellent GPA score to secure admission and the average GPA score in the university is 4.16. The SAT score average composite is 1530 in the 1600 SAT scale and you need to have 34 or above ACT score because the ACT average at Columbia is 34.

An interview is not a compulsory requirement in Columbia University

The admission team analyzes your application without any bias and your academic performance as well as extracurricular activities will be analyzed in an in-depth manner. The University conducts the interview using the alumni located all over the world and it would be organized in your area. The university does not consider the interview as mandatory and some students are admitted even without conducting an interview.

Scholarships and financial services Provide Columbia University

Columbia University offers different types of financial aid including fellowships, scholarships, and grants. The most prominent sources that provide financial aid are:

1) University

2) Government

3) Other colleges and institutions

If you have the outstanding academic ability, good track record in volunteer work and excellent athletic ability, you will become eligible for scholarships. These financial aid programs are allowed on the basis of the needs and the financial circumstances of your family are taken into account before granting financial aid. You can also opt for work-study options and these choices allow the students to work at the university campus or other institutions.

What are the courses offered at Columbia University?

There are different types of courses available at the Columbia University and they include Architecture, Sociology, African-American studies, Philosophy, Dance, Education, Ancient Studies, Anthropology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Computer science, Business, Sociology, Creative writing, Mathematics many more.

Since its inception in 1754, the popularity of Columbia University has always been on the rise. Several authentic surveys including QS World University Rankings have chosen this university as one of the most outstanding educational institutions in the world. Although a large number of students are applying to Columbia, only 6% are admitted. If you are an academically brilliant student with a good track record in extracurricular activities and have done some interesting volunteer work; you can submit an application to study at this university

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