How to Get Admission in Northwestern University

Northwestern University If you are searching for one of the best private research universities in the world, you can always choose the Northwestern University. Since its founding in 1851, it has been serving the student community all over the world with great commitment, passion, and innovation. The Northwestern University is a very common name in most of the university ranking lists. It follows a comprehensive selection procedure and you need to be an academically bright student to get into this university.

How to apply for Northwestern University?

All applicants can submit their applications through two options and they are:

1) Common Application

2) Coalition Application

The Northwestern University also offers QuestBridge option and there is a special application process available for the transfer students. You have to choose the right option based on your needs and preferences.

What are the Documents Required for Northwestern University

You have to pay a nonrefundable fee of $75 for the application. If you are eligible, you can apply for fee waiver option.

1) Official secondary school transcript and school report

2) Counselor recommendation

3) One teacher recommendation (You can send more)

4) Official SAT/ACT test results

5)  TOEFL or IELTS score

6) Mid-year transcripts (For Regular Decision applicants)

7) Early Decision agreement (Applicable only for Early Decision applicants)

There are supplements materials needed for specific sources and you can collect information about these aspects by visiting the official website of the Northwestern University.

Dates/deadlines for submitting the application in Northwestern University

This university offers different admission options for the students and they include:

1) Early Decision

2) Regular Decision

It is your responsibility to submit the application in a timely manner. If you are applying through Regular Decision, the final date for sending the application is January 1. The notifications will be sent by April 1. If you want to apply through Early Decision, the final date for submission is November 1 and the university will send the notifications by December 15.

Eligibility for Northwestern University

The Northwestern University follows a strict admission procedure and the admission rate of this university is only 13%. You must have excellent GPA score and your SAT/ACT scores should also be very high. The average GPA at this university is 4.13 and you must have this score to go through the next phase of selection. The average SAT score at Northwestern is 1510 on 1600 SAT scale and any score below this one does not help your admission process. When it comes to ACT, the average score is 33. This university also demands high SAT/ACT writing scores and excellent performance in the SAT subject tests improve your chances of securing an admission.

Scholarships and financial services Provide Northwestern University

There are different types of scholarships and grants available eligible candidates and they include:

1) Northwestern scholarships

2) Federal/state grants

3) Outside scholarships

4) Federal work-study

5) Loans

When it comes to Northwestern scholarships, you can find several choices and they include:

1) Northwestern University scholarship

2) Good Neighbor, Great University

3) Karr Achievement Scholarship

4) Quest Bridge National College Match Scholarship

5) National Merit Scholarship

6) Founder’s Scholarship

7) Femi Scholarship

8) Debt Cap Scholarship

9) Argonne Scholarship

The major sources of outside scholarships are federal government, state government and other educational institutions. There are different types of need-based loans available and all eligible applicants will receive the right type of loan based on their financial requirements.  The work-study program allows you to work at the campus or outside to cover up the educational expenses.

Courses offered by the Northwestern University

All leading universities offer a broad range of courses to cater to the needs of different students and the Northwestern University is into different. Some of them include Applied mathematics, Anthropology, Art history, Biological Sciences, Civil engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Computer engineering, Economics, English literature, Industrial engineering, Theatre, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and many more.

The Northwestern University offers the best learning environment for all students and they follow it up with the most advanced learning tools and infrastructure facilities. You can study in an environment that is inclusive and diverse and your perspective and outlook will be broadened in a constructive way. If you want to join this reputable university and transform your life, your academic performance needs to be really good and your extracurricular activities will also be assessed before offering a chance to study at this university.

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