How to Get Admission Admission in Harvard University

Harvard requirements for admission

Harvard University The for you to get into this competitive institution, you must demonstrate solid academic credentials and extracurricular achievements in your high school career.

  1. GPA/ Grades

Harvard University has an acceptance rate of 6% and you need to work hard to gain a GPA of 4.1 in AP mathematics and science courses or IB courses to secure a chance in the university.

  1. Test scores

Work on improving your ACT score to 34+. Take SAT subject tests and aim at 780+ in math and SAT score of 1600.

  1. Application requirements

Not only your test scores and GPA considered, but you also need to worry about extracurricular activities and awards gained to help you develop a huge spike over your fellow applicants. You need a letter of recommendation, personal statements and make sure every piece of information provided is consistent.

Eligibility/ Admission process

If you’re a superstar, your chance of being accepted is 90% but if you’re a weak applicant, you have 0% admission rate. You need to develop a huge spike in your application area.

To be eligible for admission at Harvard,

  1. Complete the application requirements for freshman applicants. All students must complete Common Application, Universal College Application, Coalition Application and other supplements.
  2. Demonstrate your competence in Coursework subjects and language proficiency for international students
  3. You should provide self-reported SAT and ACT test scores and once admitted, provide the official test score.

The easiest way to get into Harvard University

You need to;

  1. Demonstrate academic excellence
  • Aim at maintaining high grades/GPA by being at the top of your class.
  • Take AP courses if offered at your school and maintain high grades.
  • Get excellent scores on SAT or ACT tests to show that your hardworking student.
  • Do testing requirements before the set deadlines.
  1. Demonstrate extra-curricular activities
  • Extracurricular activities make you stand out from other students. Find something you’re interested in and excel in it.
  • Participate in activities like sports, clubs and discussion forums that make you have a huge spike.
  • Volunteer in community activities
  1. Prepare a Stella Application
  • Write a great essay on topic important to you and demonstrate your originality to the content written.
  • Get great evaluations from your teachers on your performance.
  • If you have an extra talent that you think can help in your admission, send it along.
  • Be thoughtful when filling out your actual application.
  • Ensure all the details are filled out
  1. Submit your application on time, attend the scheduled interview and wait for the decision.

Scholarship/ Financial Services

Scholarships are determined based on the family information provided or the information students provide in the Free Application for Federal Students Aid. Harvard provides support to needy students regardless of citizenship.

Courses offered

You will find 3,500 courses at Harvard.

Dates/ Deadlines

January 1: Apply for regular decision program.

February 1: Notify the admission officer if not yet received an acknowledging email.

Mid-February: Deadline for testing SAT and ACT for regular consideration.

March 1: Deadline for transfer application materials and financial aid details.

Late March: Receive Notifications.

May 1: Reply deadline for admitted students

June 1: Release of transfer decisions.

October 15: Apply for early action by 15th and schedule an interview.

October 31: Submit the standardized tests by 31st although can also submit using November series.

Early November: Last acceptable test submissions date.

November 1: Deadline for application materials and financial aid application

Mid-December: Receive notification for your testing consideration.

December 15: Deadline for regular decisions and recommendation letters.

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