How to Get Admission in University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania (Penn) is one of the most renowned educational institutions on this planet. This university is deeply committed to offering practical, flexible and powerful educational methods for the students and the track record speaks volumes about the standard and quality of the education available. Out of every 100 students apply, only 10 students are admitted because this university accepts only best and brightest students.

How to apply for University of Pennsylvania ?

All candidates must submit their applications online. There are two application options available and they include:

1) Common Application

2) Coalition Application

When you submit the application form, you will receive an email with login details within 48 hours. You can get to know about all other formalities by logging into this account at Penn Applicant Portal.

What are the Documents Required for University of Pennsylvania

1) 1) Application fee of $75 (You can apply for a fee waiver if eligible)

2) Penn Supplementary materials.

3)  Two teacher evaluations,

4) School report

5) Counselor recommendation

6) SAT/ACT and subject tests results

7) School Transcripts

8) TOEFL examination results

When to submit the application in University of Pennsylvania ?

You can apply through two schemes and they include:

1) Early Decision

2) Regular Decision

The deadline for submitting the application through Early Decision is November 1 and the last date for sending the application through Regular Decision is January 5.

Eligibility for University of Pennsylvania

If you are not a brilliant academic performer, you should not apply to the University of Pennsylvania. The average GPA score at Penn is 3.93 and only school toppers usually get these types of high scores. The average SAT score composite at this university is 1510 on 1600 SAT scale. The ACT requirement is 32 or above because the average ACT score at Penn is 32.  If you are planning to submit SAT score instead of ACT, you should have good high scores on the SAT subject tests.

If you want to improve your SAT/ACT scores, you can join one of the most reliable online SAT/ACT prep training programs. Senior students would find it difficult to improve their GPA score considerable to apply to Penn. In such a situation, you have to find ways to improve the SAT/ACT score significantly to compensate the weaknesses involved with GPA score. Best online SAT/ACT preparation programs offer customized solutions for every applicant and you have to explore this opportunity to materialize your dream of joining the University of Pennsylvania.

An interview is not a mandatory in University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania recommends students to attend the interview, but it is not mandatory. In fact; interviews are offered on availability and the Penn alumni conduct these interviews at the convenient locations of the applicants.

What are the financial aid options available at the University of Pennsylvania?

Four types of financial aid are available at this university and they include:

1) Institutional grants

2) Federal grants

3) State/Local grants

4) Loans

All students belonging to financially vulnerable background can apply for the financial aid and the deserving candidates will get the aid without any bias. You need to apply for the financial aid while applying to the university.

What are the major courses offered by the University of Pennsylvania?

Penn offers a wide variety of courses for different students with varying tastes and interests. Some of the most popular courses available are Accounting, Art history, Anatomy, African studies, Asian languages, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Classical studies, computer and information science, Engineering, English, Economics, Geology, History, Linguistics, Music, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Political science and Psychology. You can choose the most suitable course according to your own tastes, interests, and performance.

You need to be a brilliant student to secure a seat in the University of Pennsylvania. At the same time; Penn also gives great importance to your non-scholarly interests and proper attention is also given to extracurricular activities and community service. You need to aware of this important aspect while submitting the application to study at this reputed university. Penn alumni are looked upon with great respect and the employment possibilities are really high as well. You will also learn how to be a socially committed human being and this university teaches you how to become an innovative thinker to make a lasting impression on the society.

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