How to Get Admission in University of Chicago

University of Chicago Requirements for admission

The University Of Chicago admits talented and diverse students across the world. The institution is very competitive with an acceptance rate of 8%.

To qualify for admission, you need;

  1. GPA Requirements

Show admission officers that you a top student by taking hard classes in AP and IB courses. Having an average GPA of 4.29 will enable you to compete with other applicants.

  1. SAT and ACT test score

The Chicago SAT cutoff point is 1540. It uses Score Choice Policy “Highest Section” which allows you to choose SAT tests you want to send to school. Learn more on “Superscoring” from link. You should also aim at attaining an ACT score of 34. The SAT/ACT writing an essay is optional and can be ignored.

  1. Application requirements

Your application should be accompanied by a high school transcript and GPA score, application form, personal information essay, two letters of recommendation, and higher grades on coursework requirement subjects.

How to Get Into the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is very competitive and you need to have a high score in SAT/ACT and GPA in order to have a chance of getting in (8.2% admission rate).

For you to get in;

  1. Aim for 4.2+ GPA to increase your admission chances
  2. Get 34+ ACT and 1540+ SAT scores. You can do the tests multiple times to increase the chances of being admitted. No SAT subject scores are required.
  3. Demonstrate your ability in extracurricular activities. Identify an area you’re interested in and makes you stand out.
  4. Create your UChicago online account: You need to create an online account to enable you to access more information from the student portal.
  5. Fill the universal and common applications documents. For you to complete your application, you need to fill in the Universal College Application and the Common Application document.
  6. UChicago Supplement: As part of the supplement application, University of Chicago requires you to write;
    • An extended essay chosen from five prompt options.
    • A short essay on why you want to go to UChicago.
    • An optional essay in media or art.
  1. A good High school report on your grades, scores, and personality.
  2. Awesome recommendation from your previous teachers.
  3. Submit the mid-year report.
  4. Extra abilities that make you stand out.
  5. Meet submission deadlines.

Scholarship / Financial services

The institution offers merit scholarship to international students. Merit scholarship can be provided on an annual basis or awarded once as a single lump-sum.

Students can also submit a need-based financial aid application form. The finances are given in the form of need-based aid and the applicants should not rely on merit scholarships to finance his/her studies.

All first years are considered for merit scholarships whereas transfer students are not eligible for merit scholarships or any financial aid.

Courses offered

UChicago offers degree programs for undergraduates, and graduate students across the globe. Some of the courses include;

  1. Business
  2. Chemistry
  3. Classical studies
  4. Computational Neuroscience
  5. Computer sciences
  6. Get more courses from webpage.


The following deadlines apply to Full-time, Part-time, Advanced Standing Program, and AB/AM Program.

Full-time and Part-time students

Type Admission Admission Decision
Early admission December 1 February 15
Regular admission January 15 March 15

AB/AM third-year Program

Type Admission Admission Decision
Early admission December 1 February 15
Regular admission January 15 March 15

Transfer students

January 15: Admission date for all Doctoral programs and the combined Ph.D./AM program

December 15: Late admission for early applications.

Mid-March: Admission decision for early applications

Extended Evening program

SSA accepts applications for space availability after April 1st.

Thus, in order to give the best shot, you must aim for the 75th percentile, with either 2380 SAT /  35 ACT. You must also have a score of 4.29 GPA or higher. But If your GPA is lower than the described, you must be able to compensate with better SAT/ACT scores.

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